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Turkish Peshtemal Towels Review

Turkish Peshtemal Towels American Flag Wholesale 40 pcs pestemals

  • $2,91699

These beautiful peshtemal towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton and have the beautiful US flag pattern that you can show off at the beach.. They are very light and very easy to carry to Gym, Yoga, Beach or Spa. Compared a regular gym towel, these occupy almost no space in your bag or locker. They are super absorbent and dries with lightning speed compared to a regular towel. These weigh about 15oz (450 grams) This listing is for 40 pcs. They will be a great item for resellers.

The width is approximately 39" and the length is 71". (100 cm x 180 cm)

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Turkish Peshtemal Towels Review